About Dr. Marty Klein, Ph.D.


Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for over 40 years. He has focused his entire career toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually adequate & powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual & intimate expression and exploration of women & men. Marty has been featured multiple times on National Public Radio, and on national TV programs like 20/20, Nightline, and The Daily Show. He has also been on podcasts such as Dan Savage and Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

Klein has also given over 1,000 keynote speeches, training programs, and popular lectures to groups including Miami Women’s Hospital, Entrepreneurs Organization, Lutheran Family & Children’s Services, The Aspen Institute, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, World Association of Sexology, New York Law School, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, American Library Association, Stanford University Medical School, and at over 40 colleges across the country.

Dr. Klein’s work and efforts have been recognized abroad: he has trained professionals and policymakers in over 30 countries, including China, Turkey, India, Israel, Morocco, Greece, and Japan, and he has been awarded honorary membership in a variety of international professional associations.

His videos are particularly known for their fact-based honesty and direct talk. Click here for more YouTube videos.